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 Assalamualaikum and good day.
alhamdulillah, 6 days ahead and Qamarina will turn 2 months old.I'm happy and sad at the same time watching her grow.i suppose all mamas feel the same way too, how we wish that her step by step progress could be recorded and we can watch it over and over again.first I was so worried about her umbilical cord that was hanging on her tummy, and i accidentally pulled it when fixing her dress for 3 times, 3 times! and she cried so loud!that was really a scary experience.i guess she was just terkejut, not in pain.the next thing i know she's now wearing size M diapers.wow, she's grown so fast!

I managed to breastfeed her for 40 days, fully.it was really a beautiful experience.sadly however, we have been feeding her with formula nowadays.sobs.my mom always says that Qamarina feeds like a baby boy.she suckles like there's no tomorrow making them nipples cracked and bleeding and painful!!.it's true what they say, breastfeeding requires a very high level of patience and i don't possess that.sigh.

it's sad i must say, so i will start keeping my milk in bottles from now on.but first, i need to get storage bottles.well i just want to experience every bit of motherhood as much as possible at its best and be the best mom to little Qamarina.insyaAllah.

i missed the first month with Qamarina already!the hair, the spits, the rashes on the face, the umbilical cord, the swaddle. :( ah sangat beremosi
the helps.avent breast pump is really convenient i must say. and Nuby bottle given by brother in law is pretty awesome. we can actually shift the flow level on the teat.

so i just hope to continue Bf Qamarina even through bottles coz mommy's milk is the best.have a good day every one.


  1. qamarina dah besarrr....nnt kita main sama2 tau :p

  2. insyaallah.

    bf is tough, i've had to supplement the little girl once when there was a sudden drop in my milk supply.but with lots of research and du'a, insyaallah boleh overcome.

    masa mine cracked dulu time pantang i couldnt direct feed airaa too so i pumped and bagi thru bottle.i found out about earth mama angel baby nipple butter and it took just a couple of days to heal.terus blh direct feed.
    maybe u cud give it a try ;)

    apa2 pun determination and du'a mesti ada.and also niat...everytime u feed her,during that special bonding session, niat pada allah that this is ur sedekah to the little one. :)

    love u.

  3. pupsy. Qamarina dh excited ni nk papi dukung dia.keke

    kakngoh. truly tough esp feeding at midnite in drowsiness.but, i will further feed her thru bottle.insyaAllah.ok will try find the cream.tq sista!

    much love

  4. biasa la tu kak lom awal2 mmg akan experience cracked and bleeding nipple. cari la any nipple cream. medela punya nipple cream is also good. my experience, nipple still cracked and bleeding until dania 4 bulan lebih.. but i still direct feed because i thought the best solution is kene tahan sakit so that our nipple will get immuned after that.. sayang kalau baby ada ngan kita tapi kita x direct feeding.. that would lead to milk drop..

    kene sabar banyak2.. dania dari dulu sampai sekarang ni everytime tido she will not let go my nipple.. kene tido mengiring sampai nak patah pinggang.. and now she starts biting sebab nak tumbuh gigi..

    the beginning is a big struggle.. tapi lama2 body kita boleh adapt with the situation.. all that it takes is great patience..

  5. ucu, i really look up to ultimate mommies like u (n aifaa of cos)..adeh terasa hampes plak diri ini.skang ada lg skali skala direct feed.tp td baru je beli storage bottles.hua.i find it susah nk nursing kt public, baby sempat maraung bergegar satu mall dulu br leh minum.umminya plak kuat berjalan.how do u handle that?che mcm sesi consultasi la plak

  6. masyaallah...menangis tiba2 masa shopping is normal.we always ALWAYS carry the nursing cover around tp since airaa dh besar dia dh pandai selak2 the cover.the daddy plk concern in case ppl saw what they're not supposed to see. ;p

    but being a mother kena creative and cpt2 cari solution.hehe.so if there's no baby room around, i'll simply slip in the nearest changing room to nurse her. and if we dine outside,selalu sit dkt spot paling secluded in case she wants to nurse.hehe

    ps: jd mcm forum plk kat sini. ;)

  7. and ucu..masyaallah pasal hanging to the ***** time tido smp sakit pinggang. that is so true...hahaha!

    on good days dia akan tertido lama after nursing so blh letak dlm cot and i'd get to have my beauty sleep,tp once in a while we'll have nights where she just wants to sleep with me and suckle all through the night. itu kena sabar banyak2.

    but i think allah mmg design body kita utk handle those things,the next day blh je pergi kerja dgn tenang eventho tak cukup tido. :)

  8. ya, i used to do dat also nursing ms tdo, mengiring.adeh lenguhh.i gave up after bb meraung kt Giant n mothercare the other day sbb lama tggu uminya ..ohh malunya..bb kecik lg maknya dh bejalan merata..since dh bg botol mmg syokla..got carried away dh ni..tp nursing cover mmg slalu bwk.ah klu face to face kn senang nk bercerita..

  9. if you want to go out, make sure u bf your baby in the car before u reach ur destination. bf siap then boleh la berjalan dengan tenang dalam shoppping mall. then u check every one hour. let's say kalau dalam one hour u haven't fed your baby, terus je pegi nursing room and feed her.

    and then masa tengah jalan2 tu check the signal from your baby. for example, if your baby is sleepy and starts yawning, there is a possibility for her to start crying for milk. so u terus go find a place to feed her. don't wait for our baby to cry first baru kita feed dia.

    but if your baby dah meraung, don't panic. keep in mind that you are not alone. other mommies also face the same situation. and i think nowadays bfing in public is acceptable already to everyone.

    don't worry kaklom. we are strong mommies we can do it.

  10. oh ucu i like dat.sounds like ibu yg calm n in control.cewahh.hehe.yeah, i wish i have asked u guys abt this long time ago.will restart bf soon.nw is working on increasing the milk, production is going down down down.huhu
    anyways, thank u millions u girls rock to the max!awesome parenting everyone!

  11. one more thing.. this is just my recommendation.. try ambik supplement from shaklee 4 breastfeeding set... the alfalfa is good for milk booster.. if you want, i can order for you.. hehehe

  12. yeah, thot abt dat too, aifaa mentioned the product t time.hw much?

  13. try ambik trial set dulu. it contains b-complex, vit c, vitalea and alfalfa. this set is enough for a month. the price is rm80. if u want to try energizing soy protein, the price is rm131.

  14. hihi ore yg baru beberapa ari bf ni pong da x brape sbr...no one tell us about nipple cracked before...btw comel je qamarina awakk....

  15. ucu, kalu kt klate mana nk cari?huhu.btw, gi wedding nurul x?

  16. aja,dh cracked dh dear?bg baby nganga luas2 dulu n dont pull if he hasnt finished k?btw, letak la gmbr umar bnyk2 kt fb awk.umar so comel.u take care k.

  17. thx beep..da suh da dia bukak besar2...tp kdg2 dia x sbr kn...dia kepit je..hihi

  18. hihi.notty umar.big kiss frm aunty beep ;*