{ 1st Anniversary }

12 months have passed and we survived triumphantly.plus, our family has expanded with the arrival of lil Qamarina and adds meaning to our life.it's been blissful. Alhamdulillah..there hasn't been any serious issues or arguments/disagreements.we've been so understanding and apparently have quite the same interests.that makes life more exciting.i think what makes every thing so easy is by not taking things too seriously.and not expecting so highly from ur partner, so you can sleep soundly at night, which i used to be, but not anymore.a guy can never be so perfect when it comes to taking care of the baby's needs.that's more of mommy's job kan.i had been silly.Allah tests us in many ways, thus we have to always remember that and instantly find solutions wisely..well, i can take one whole day writing about this marriage thingy and bore you.and that's not something you reader is looking for right?hehe.so..in short, we have been happy and pray that we will always be.insya Allah.

semoga Allah mentakdirkan yang baik-baik sahaja untuk kita semua.ameen

p/s:hope he loves the little gift


  1. yeay..a happy family portrait..happy anniversary to u both ;)