10 months and counting

she has grown to be a very active and cheeky girl, she even bullied me sometimes whenever I let her touch my face or play with my hair or something like that, she would slap and pull and scratch me to her heart's content and really enjoying it T T. one activity that really can distract her attention is climbing up the stairs unless she is really upset about something else then nothing can do, not even the tablet can put her at ease. that is when she's tired, hungry and sleepy.hehe.as for now, I really hope and pray that she will get fast recovery from quite severe diarrhea which has been going on for almost 2 weeks and this really breaks my heart because her bums got red and blistered even though she doesn't experience dehydration and vomiting.that's when she gets cranky and mad and not happy.oh so SADD.. please pray for her. ceh, mcm serious benar. tp mmg serious. T T

love u long time baby


  1. uikss qamar dah besarrr..dh dkat stahun rupanya....x lama lg bila dh bleh bjalan,,,, wiiiiiiii penat la ummi nk kejar hehe

  2. yayy..papi nnt dtg l BIRTHDAY BASH DIA..bakpo jd huruf besar nih ;p

  3. hehe insyaallah...bday qamar dkat ngan bday papi so lehla gi nyepeyy etep..haha