{ Qamarina turned 1! }

we held a small birthday party and invited family and the closest of the closest friends only, last Sunday.Qamarina's birth date was actually on 26th Nov but we couldn't organize a birthday event last week since we were in our hometown for my sister's wedding (a very small one).

how time really flies huh.my baby has turned 1 year old, growing up healthily and a very active girl I must say.whew, I really sweat myself chasing her around nowadays.alhamdulillah...we were really thankful to our brothers and sisters and friends who came and made the day memorable and fun.above all, we are very thankful to Allah SWT for His blessings and rezeki that's full of ni'mat and may we become more grateful and better muslims everyday, ameen.

to the love of my life,
Ummi loves you so much.

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