{ zoo negara }

hi all. assalamu'alaikum.how was every body's weekend? mine was quite fun because on Saturday i asked my hubby to take me out to Kenanga mall for another I-don't have-proper outfits-to-wear excuse shopping.haha.but i kid you not, i need to buy more baju kurung since the ones i have, (well most of them) are worn out already and you can spot me wearing the same baju kurungs in many pictures.hehe.what makes me want to check out for baju kurung there is because one of my fav boutiques is located at the mall, Kriteria! and they sell off-season baju kurungs which I don't mind buying because the in-season ones are rather pricey i tell ya.so ok, let's cut this long story short, i couldn't find any that attracts my interest, well, what did I expect, they are off-seasons!haha..so..proceeded to other shops please and tada! i came home with this nice printed shawl which i wore the next day to Zoo Negara..what a lame place to visit. We thought Qamarina would love to see the animals.

why don't we just enjoy the photos.

 the animal show was rather boring.that girl talked too much.we wanna see more animals in action!

 see.this girl was getting BOREDDD..so we left after 10mins watching the show.

 then Qamar and her abah fed the Elee!

 she was rather thrilled despite the boring face

 big birds!


 it was so hot and i sweat like mad and couldn't enjoy the trip anymore

bought some cute animal hat for Qamarina and off we left the place to a more cozy place...

man, i just love the shawl.ok.bai


  1. omg, just bought the exact same printed scarf! just couldn't pull it off right now due to the increasing roundness of my face.lol!

    and qamar's wearing a v.familiar looking polka dress.haha (great minds think alike)

    btw, u guys sure seemed to have a great time at the zoo.i think this is the 2nd time u took qamar to the zoo.i think mak dia yg suka sebenarnya nih!

  2. WHAT?!ahaha.so u mean, same scarf n dress?OMG.we are sisters from heaven.ahaha, that time dh kehabisan idea of places to go jln2, i thought i never go to the zoo negara.can u believe it?so, yes.it was her ummi wish.hehe

  3. darlim, nnt kita plan la some sort of gathering/small family picnic somewhere and bwk babies la...okeh?soon okeh?

  4. okeh sure! plan plan!i'm bored like mad here.