hates n worries and i HATE PBS

Assalamualaikum.hi all
so i am going back to work, teaching and doing a lot of other stuff which i forever hate. i was on 2 months leave due to my poor health condition.come to think about school, oh i hate sports practice, and camping!being pregnant for the second time is nothing better than the 1st one.i mean, the morning sickness was as difficult.i was warded because i couldn't down anything. i lost 4kgs.but the excitement of having another kid is super awesome since Qamarina will have her partner, playmate, someone to have fight with etc.insyaAllah.hopefully the delivery will be as easy like when i had her.oh i think this time we r expecting a boy because i get hungry super fast and i am 4 months n already he is kicking!!woohoo

anyways, i just really need to pour my feelings out.of not wanting to work anymore.all i wanna do is stay at home and take care of le famile.and i have cried so bad since i am sooooo unmotivated to get back working, doing all the stupid work that the system has put us in.PBS, frog, lizard, bulls etc.i am very traditional.i get confused when there r so many programs to be implemented and none is being done and proven to be effective long enuff and suddenly the new ones come up.give me a break!!!!i hate teaching.i just realized  mytrue passion if only teaching is my ultimate profession, i should be teaching pendidikan Islam because that's the only thing i think people should be taught nowadays!teaching language is boring. and meaningless.i am not satisfied.ah things happen for a reason.i really make my hubby worried.

i am also worried about our trip abroad next month.we never brought Qamarina on a plane before and it really gets me restless because the first trip is going to be a very long hours one.we are going to Vienna for a week since my hubby gets to present his research paper at a conference.i'm all paranoid about this.will she cope well with the whole thing, flying, weather..ah this is no fun anymore.i want it to be fun.so if there's anybody out there who has any tips or experience that have worked for u, i'd really appreciate if u could share with me.tq!!

til then,


  1. PBS is ridiculous...aku pun xsuka PBS..huhu dlm masa setahun akan dihapuskan n tukar ngan bendalah lain lak...huhuhu

    p/s:wahahauuuu,,,nak ikut gi Vienna!!!!!bestnyaaaaa..:))

  2. yay for vienna! :)

    btw,u and i, we're both going thru the same motion. i have been contemplating and toying with the idea of taking a very very long leave since earlier this year.like a year of unpaid leave so that i can be with my babies. going to work takes so much effort these days, maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, but work-wise, the condition is getting pretty stagnant, i am unfullfilled,i hate the new management, tiap2 hari request to quit with hubby.haih..

    in all honesty, i feel you rite now babe. -_-"

  3. hi my forever beloved girls!!oh i cant express how much i miss u!!! jom pegi vienna.i really pray it'll turn out well, fun n blessed.pup, can i 'like' ur comment?oh ngoh i am so relieved that even my bestfriend is having the same situation.went to school today and alhamdulillah, i regained my sanity after a deep talk with a bestie.right now i truly believe it's a hormone thingie because i wasn't this insane before.haha.but i really think we shud meet up urgently.big hugs to u both.