haven't been writing here since the birth of Tariq. dah bersawang hehe.
here's a look-back for the past 5 months of my life.

1. Tariq now can roll over and jumping up and down non stop when we hold him.
2. on 3rd of Feb marked our 3rd year of anniversary. love keeps growing stronger yaww
3. i've grown wiser.haha
4. we are in the process of moving into our own house.well after 2 months time i think.
can't wait to renovate and decorate our home! can't wait to pick wallcovering paper for the house.hehe. can't wait to have cabinet-ed kitchen.haha again. can't wait to have pink wallcovering for my daughter's room and blue for the brother.will have an all white house. it's all about my house huh.shows how excited i am.
and I am going to be 31 next Monday.oh well ( a lookforward)

that's about me and i miss you!

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  1. miss you too!! (eh tetibe..haha) bib..anis ni...anis dah buat blog baru..tp yg bru ni pun lambat naa menulis post..anyways, aniesyazwani.blogspot.com syg bib!!