Goodbye 2014

He Hey. Look who's back. And suddenly with the title above? Goodbye 2014 when i only managed to do 1 post for the whole year? Shame on you, Beep. Hahah. Well, 2014 did bring a lot of swwet memoriesand happenings even they were not fabulous ones like we went holidaying in some foreign countries or performed umrah. Well not yet as we do have those plans it's just a matter of time and finance? Apparently hubby advised to wait until the kids grow big enough to understand and appreciate things. Well, i can wait that time to arrive because i believe that the adventure would have better meanings then.

Other than that, nothing much happened really except that i feel so old since i couldn't enjoy so many things anymore like we have gotten very slow at dining out since Tariq has grown so agile now that he can properly walk on his two feet :) Kakak (Qamarina) seems to have learned more vocabularies even though not as talkative as other kids. Alhamdulillah they have grown so healthily and caused minimal troubles to mommy and daddy.

Hoping and praying that 2015 will bring more joy and opportunities to us to become better Muslims.

I think i don't have a lot to say here now. Will write again soon perhaps.
Insha Allah.